Your Bedroom should be your sanctuary. Its the space we go to unwind, rest and rejuvenate. Therefore, certain colours and detailed care must be taken when styling this space as if its too cluttered or has too many harsh bright colours or lighting this will have an impact on your emotional response. Think soft palettes, comfortable luxe textures, sensitive lighting. All this combined the right way equals a peaceful retreat! Here’s our 5 top tips to create:

1.     Stick to light bed linen, we recommend white or close to as this not only gives a fresh crisp feel it also makes a space feel larger. (especially if your working with a smaller sized bedroom). 

2.     Always invest in good quality decorative cushions, we love feather filled. They feel so nice under the head and give that luxe effect. Mix up the textures and patterns to add interest. Again we suggest staying with a soft colour palette as its not too overpowering and intrusive. We recommend no more than 4 on a bed. We love velvet fabric for winter!

3.     Always, always have bedside table lamps. These are so important yet easy to forget. Lighting plays such an important role in a space. In darker living areas for example we might use brighter globes to make a space brighter and more inviting, However, in the bedroom we suggest soft lighting which will instantly relax you and prepare the body for shut down. Its all about AMBIENCE!

4.     Bedheads are a piece I always recommend; they are the statement of the room! We use these on all of our bedroom styles. Linen bedheads especially give a feel of elegance and set the tone of the space. Bedheads are also so comfortable for the back and neck when reading in bed. If you want to go a little more adventurous try adding a cool wall paper feature wall behind the bed, works great against a neutral bedhead.

5.     A stunning floor rug under the bed is also one of my favourite additions. It doesn’t matter if your working with carpet or floorboards, the addition of the right rug can take your bedroom to another level! Remember to position the floor rug ¾ under the bed and ¼ exposed at the end of the bed depending on the size of the room (if larger, you can go ½ & ½). This frames the bed as the hero of the room ad again gives your space the extra feeling of luxe, which is what we all want!  If space allows also throw in an ottoman at the end of the bed. Great for putting your shoes on!