Detox Your Home in 4 Steps

Gain the wellbeing benefits of living in a healthier living space

The space we live in has a massive impact on our health, mental wellbeing and overall happiness. With everything that happens in our day-to-day life, we don’t often stop and pay attention to the little things that may affect our mood. This is part of why it’s so important to take the time to step back and reorientate ourselves. Since a clear space around us reflects a clear space within each of us, Naomi Brand from Brand Collective Property Styling has put together 4 ways to detox your home and give yourself a healthier mindset.


De-clutter and breathe life back into your home

When I’m styling someone’s home, one of the first things I notice is an abundance of items in every room taking up unnecessary space. This can be gifts that never went to good use, appliances we don’t use anymore, or sentimental items.

Of course, life is about the little, sentimental moments and a lot of these items represent that. A lot of smaller items are kept around by habit though, and serve only to remove space in your home, making you feel like you have less room around you.

For every room, it’s important to look at each particular item and ask yourself if it helps the space or hinders it.

Create a sense of harmony and remove conflict

Creating cohesion in your home gets rid of any confusion in the space. This can be as simple as minimising the amount of strong colours to a few complimentary tones in each room. Another great way to create cohesion is to identify the style you want in each room and focus on that type of furniture. Mixing styles like contemporary, mid-century modern, coastal and classical can work in select situations, but it’s always safe to let one style take over a room.

Think of every room as having its own identity – when you remove conflicting colours, shapes and styles, while honing in one particular style, you are defining that identity. This brings clarity to your home, ultimately removing conflict, which helps give you a more peaceful state of mind when you’re at home.


Let your home tell a story

Your home is defined by the story you are telling. It’s really all in the details. The way you use different textures and colours to create a mood. It’s in using certain styles and eras of furniture to bring context into your home. Sometimes creating a story is as simple as feature walls or moulding a room around a central piece of furniture with a strong personality.

Most of all, all good stories have a climax – what is the most impactful and breathtaking part of your home? Is it a view? An outdoor area? A captivatingly styled dining room where all your friends and family come together? Find your home’s moment and let the whole home flow towards it, like any great narrative.

Stories in the home create connections, memories and flow throughout the rooms. Let your home reveal the story it wants to tell.


Give your space a sense of personality

This one is simple but it’s so often overlooked. It’s about balancing the removal of clutter while still maintaining a sense of who you are in your home. What does the space you live in say about you?

Creating a clearer space in your home is essential to giving yourself healthier mental wellbeing, but it doesn’t mean that you have to take away all sentimental possessions that mean something to you. We all have pieces we can’t live without and that’s exactly what life is about – holding on to the things that matter to us and make us happy, while getting rid of anything that only takes up space. That’s really the core value in detoxing your home.



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