The First 3 Things An Interior Designer Notices in Every Home by Naomi Brand

Enjoy our article as seen in Better Homes and Gardens.

Natural light

For me, every space is inescapably defined by the presence of natural light. When a room is isolated and confined, it can feel cold and separate from the home – which can be lifted by innovative skylights, window placement or even by inventive interior styling. There isn’t really a substitute for natural light in a home, but in a tight spot you can use colour, reflective surfaces and soft and warm lights to help make the space feel more welcoming and connected to the rest of the home.

Features that date the house

Feature walls and daring choices of architectural materials can really bring personality to a home – but one thing to always keep in mind is that while these choices can be on-trend, they also anchor your home in a specific time and place. Future-proofing your home is such an important part of interior design, so always consider what part of a feature really defines you now but doesn’t hold back your home as your personal home styling evolves.

The ‘moment’ of the home’s story

Think of you home as a place that tells a story as you move through it. Every home has its ‘moment’ – a defining feature that leaves an impression which stays with us long after we’ve left. Often this is the first thing we think when we remember the entire home. This can be a scenic view, a burst of natural light in an open space, even a stunning outside area that opens up the home. Whatever the ‘moment’ of your home – make sure that moment shines – keep your view open and unobstructed, keep the light coming in and keep your outside area warm, welcoming and dynamic. Moments like these are not to be missed.



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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern style is a bold statement but it has two major problems. With strong colours, curved shapes and saturated tone timbers, the pieces can be almost impossible to pair with a neutral room and furniture from any other period.  As a result the home can feel ill-fitted, conflicted and dated – so I think it’s time to say goodbye to last century and hello to this one.


Overt Industrial

Not many people realise but the industrial restaurants and bars we see everywhere, with their rustic appeal, rusty light fixtures and dark colours actually came about almost by accident. To make sure that ceiling heights met regulations, many ceilings were removed and vents were left exposed. This forced a lot of venues to embrace the industrial look – to go hard rather than go home. But as cutting edge as this look is, a lot of homes are moving towards a warmer look, rather than importing style from these venues, which is great because it encourages creativity and personal expression. Uniqueness turns every person into a designer and a stylist.


Reflexive minimalism

Minimalism is fantastic when you are selling a house as it allows people to project their lives into the home. In home styling however the opposite is true – bringing your personality out is crucial to building a warm, interesting space. I personally love minimalism’s bold geometric shapes, monochrome shades and contrasting textures because it resonates with my personal style. What needs to be thrown out in 2020 is the need for people to be so minimal as a knee jerk reaction, as over time this will prevent them from being creative. I encourage people to make mistakes and reinvent their style so that it never turns stale. Being adventurous and seeking new discoveries is key to interior styling.


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